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Norway Seaman´s Mission are here to serve cruise ship crew in the love of Jesus. You are welcome to visit our stations in Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund! Catch up with your family and friends through our free Internett access (WiFi)! Free coffee, homemade cookies and music instruments available.* We also povide biblical counseling, Bible studies, Christian literature and Bibles in many languages.

*In some of our stations.

"All nations you have made will come and worship before you, oh Lord. They will bring glory to your name" Psalm 86,9


Published July 2, 2019

In 2019 we already have had about 90 ships with 3.500 visitors. And another 200 ships visits expecting, ending up with a total of 8.000 + seafarers coming to our doorstep.

Roeli Elbers

Bergen, Skuteviken and Jekteviken

Welcome to visit Norway Seaman´s Mission in Bergen! Here we have two stations: Skuteviken and Jekteviken.

In Skuteviken you will find us at the 4th floor in Skuteviksbodene 10 (Knut Knutsen building)

In Jekteviken we are in Betlehem, Bergen Indremisjon

Coordinator for Norway Seaman´s Mission in Skuteviken is

Roeli Elbers,


Coordinator for Norway Seaman´s Mission in Jekteviken is Ragnhild Mikalsen, e-post:

Stavanger - Bergelandsgata 38

You´re welcome to Norway Seaman´s Mission in Stavanger!

You find us in Salem, Bergelandsgata 38, 11 minutes walk from Vågen.

Coordinator for Norway Seaman´s Mission in Stavanger is Kristoffer Ueland

Tlf +47 924 45 464 - E-post:

Ålesund - Nedre Strandgate 5

Norway Seaman´s Mission in Ålesund is in Nedre Strandgate 5.

You´re welcome!

Coordinator for Norway Seaman´s Mission in Ålesund:

Asbjørn Hunnes

Tlf +47 997 10 446 - E-post:

JESUS - the hope we have as an anchor for our soul, a hope both sure and steadfast

Hebrews 6,19

The main reason a ship needs an anchor is to ride out storms so that it is not blown off course or into the rocks or reefs nearby. Even in a safe harbor a ship needs an anchor so that it will not drift, hit something and sink. Whether in the storms of life or in the harbor during the calm times of life, we all need an anchor for our souls so that we do not destroy our lives.

Jesus Himself is our hope. He is our anchor. God's sure promises give us strong encouragement to take hold of the hope He set before us. In the final sense we do not hope in hope itself, but in Christ, and all that is promised in Him. The anchor is the certain hope of salvation that God has provided in Jesus Christ. At all times we can take hold of His salvation and He will be the steadiness for our souls that we need.

Let Jesus be your anchor - God's salvation in your life!

God bless You!!